Putting your website is great way to show your website all around the world.

But sometimes, It become very irritating task.

If you don’t have some technical skills.

But don’t worry,

I will show you each steps and explain everything in a very layman language.

So that you can easily understand it.

If still your problem is not result, You can use our service.

Our expert will help you to put your website online.

Let me start this tutorial.

There are three things required to put your website online.

  • Web Hosting (You have to rent a name and space for your website)
  • Domain name
  • FTP software

What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is a virtual space for your website where your website will be live.

Think web hosting as renting a shop space for opening your own shop.

Why must you buy Web hosting?

In order to put your website online. You must buy a hosting plan.

Let’s start

STEP 1: Go to Bluehost.com

Goto Blouhost.com, 

And Click on “Get Started Now” Button

Bluehost.com homepage screenshot

STEP 2: Choose Hosting Plan For Your Project

After Clicking on Get Started Now, 

You need to choose a website hosting plan for your project. I will suggest you to choose the basic plan.

Choose basic plan

STEP 3: Choose a Domain Name

Secure a domain name

Choose a domain name

STEP 4: Fill up Your Details


11,500 Projects has been online with this guide… and counting!